Prefer to get advice face-to-face?



Winshill Neighbourhood Resource Centre
Canterbury Road, DE15 0HD
(Advice available every Wednesday, 0830 - 1230) For Residents of Winshill only.
For appointments, call 01283 740871




Peel Croft Practice
Lichfield Street, DE14 3RH
(Advice available on alternate Wednesdays, 1330 - 1700) For Patients of Peel Croft only.
For appointments, call 01283 568405




Bridge Surgery
St. Peter's Street, DE15 9AW
(Advice available on alternate Wednesdays, 1330 - 1700) For Patients of Bridge Surgery only.
For appointments, call 01283 563451




Carlton Street Surgery
(Advice available every Tuesday, 0900 - 1200)
For appointments, call 01283 566722




Tutbury Health Centre
Monk Street, DE13 9NA
(Advice available on alternate Wednesdays, 1300 - 1630)
For appointments, call 01283 566722




Uttoxeter Library
High Street, ST14 7JQ
(Advice available every Wednesday, 0915 - 1345)
For appointments, call 01889 569377

Balance Street Health Centre
ST14 8JG
(Advice available on alternate Thursdays, 1300 - 1600)
For appointments, call 01889 569377


East Staffordshire CCG - Improving Lives

Please have a look at the  East Staffordshire CCG’s booklet about its Improving Lives work by clicking on the link below.This includes the outcomes framework for the Improving Lives contract. This is a large file and may take a few moments to load.

This document is being shared publicly today and you are welcome to share this more widely.

Deborah Neal

Locality Communications & Engagement Lead – East Staffordshire CCG